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Don't Let Today's Economy Dictate Your Future

What is your vision for yourself and family? Is your spending and savings plan keeping up with that vision? To stay on track, it's crucial to not only have a plan, but to revisit and revise your plan regularly.

We have trained and dedicated professionals that are HUD certified housing counselors and workshop facilitators. Virtual group and one-on-one counseling sessions are available. Our one-on-one sessions are generally one (1) hour pre-scheduled appointments that are confidential and designed to provide steps that you can take to reach and maintain your long- and short-term goals. Our workshops and one-on-one counseling sessions are FREE.

Referral Services:

  • Life Skills and Supportive Services
    • Senior Day Program (Senior Citizens/ age 50 & older)
    • Computer Training (Beginner and Advance Classes)
    • Credit and Spending Plan Counseling (one-on-one, Virtual)
    • Homeownership Education (Virtual Group Sessions)
    • Foreclosure Prevention Counseling (one-on-one, Virtual)
    • Post-purchase Counseling (one-on-one, Virtual)
    • Pre-purchase Counseling (one-on-one, Virtual)
  • Youth Guidance and Referral Services
    • At-Risk Youth Services
    • In-Home Counseling Services
    • Mentoring & Tutoring Services
    • Financial Literacy
    • College & Career Preparation
  • Senior Referral Services
    • Senior Connection Age requirement: 60+   Address: 24 East Cary Street, Richmond, VA 23219    Office Number: 804-343-3000    
    • List of Services:                                                                1.Aging well (healthcare providers, etc.)


      3.Community (recreation and learning)

      4.Financial Assistance, Insurance and Benefits

      5.Housing (long-term; Senior housing and your home)


    • Parks and Recreation  Age requirement: 50+   Address: 9901 Lori Road, Chesterfield, VA 23838   Office Number:804.748-1000 
    • List of Programs:

      1.50+ Active Lifestyles

      2.Historical and Cultural Programs

      3.Outdoor Adventures

      4.Recreation Programs and Program Guides


      6.Therapeutic Recreation

      7.Virtual Recreation Programs (Arts and crafts, Cooking, Dance, Self-defense techniques for Seniors, Smartphones, and more)

Feel Free to contact these organizations directly.  Their contact numbers are available above!

Upper Room Housing contact number is:



Email Address:

         People serving people, we are better together. Moving forward by faith!

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